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Wondering what it’s like at Camp? Use this interactive map to tour the 170-acre Bosque County campsite, the award-winning facilities, and to explore the many fully accessible Camp John Marc activity areas.


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At Camp John Marc, every camper stars in his or her own adventure! Watch this short video to learn more about Camp John Marc.

Inspiring Confidence For Life.
“True survivors are made at camp. Forged by cancer, bonded by friendship.”Ashley, a CJM Camper
“I started to cry when I had to leave camp, but my mom said I can go again next year.  Hooray!”Jacob, a CJM Camper
"I believe that I can best describe the impact that Camp John Marc had for our family in the following way: Some may wonder why we sent our daughter there when she was dying, and when we could have said no so she would have spent that week with us. The answer is rather simple… we sent her there to live."Vicki, a Camp Mom
“This place must be magic because every time I come here I feel better.”Gloria, a CJM Camper
“I never imagined Camp would teach me how to self-infuse and become so independent at a really young age… Big thanks for that one!”Sean, a former CJM Camper
"It is one thing to enjoy the science of medicine, but camp reminds you that doctors are servants. Each day at camp, you don't see a diagnosis, you see a child. The rigors of medicine are easily dwarfed by a desire to help improve their lives. I'm thankful for the impact camp has had on my life, and I know I am a better physician for it."Zak, a former CJM Staff Member