Every Camp John Marc experience is different, and everyone who goes to Camp leaves with a unique understanding of the place. That said, campers, staff, and volunteers often describe CJM as a place for both fun and reflection, and most leave remembering special moments spent in nature that enrich their lives.

Camp John Marc was built to be a place of adventure and healing for campers, who are the heart of the Camp John Marc experience. Because of this, each CJM program is carefully designed to meet the unique needs and interests of the participating camps. No two CJM programs are alike, but to get a sense of what a day at CJM is like, click here on our Typical Daily Camp Schedule. Similarly, the facilities at CJM, which are accessible and functional while also striving to be whimsical or reflective of the natural surroundings, have all been designed with campers’ needs and enjoyment in mind.