Camp John Marc is grateful for each of you and for your love of Camp. Like the Wall of Gratitude in the Medical Building at Camp, this Wall of Gratitude is a place where you can share what you are grateful for or give a shout-out to your camp or medical team.


“A cheerful heart is good medicine… ”
Proverbs 17:22

What are you grateful for?

I’m thankful for the counselors who I had fun with they were very nice and helpful I had a lot of fun on the horses thanks for all support and love you showed❤️
When I went camp for the second time since 2019 and it was even better than last time!! I can’t wait to go back this year to make more fun memories!! I loved being in the comanche cabin, it was very fun!! Hope to see you all soon!! ❤
We are thankful for days full of family, laughter, and precious memories. We had so much fun bonding and taking a much needed mental break while soaking up time spent in nature. The stars are so amazing out here; thank you for the chance to see them!
Camp John Marc has been a transformative experience for me. It has provided me with comfort, joy, and a sense of family that has helped shape me into the person I am today.
I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to have been a camper for so many years and returning this year as a counselor! I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to be in a place we all can be equal!
I'am grateful for the stars shining brighter and the campfire burns hotter when you're camping with your closest friends
I am grateful for God for letting us be able to have camp and for my great family and friends I have.
Thank you so much for providing my daughter with a place... probably the ONLY place... where she felt "normal." You gave her a confidence to try new things and be bold!
Thank you CJM staff, the medical team, child life specialists, and volunteer counselors for an amazing week back in person at camp TLC!
I was glad to meet people i could connect with and to make new friends !
I am excited to go to camp this year! i love the chicken fajitas and the pool and the YEAH BOAT chant and the dress up time and their dog Bosque. Thank you very much cooks children’s staff!
The irreplaceable counselors who created a place where I could forget my disability and the social toll it enacted. They offered a kind of friendship that would have never graced my life outside the camp. Saying goodbye to them is still bittersweet.
This was the best place in childhood. Taught me how to swim and many other lessons.
You guys were awesome and we will cherish our memories forever.
A HUGE thank you to everyone who made this virtual camp possible! My son loved it! He was so excited to have a special camp just for him. We baked cookies and he did magic tricks for us. It was such a bright spot in these uncertain times! THANK YOU!
I really liked virtual camp! My favorite activities were learning to bake lemon cookies & a card magic trick. I baked the cookies & they were so good! I did the magic trick for all my family members & no one could figure out the secret!
Grateful for all things camp and for all the amazing people who make it happen! Especially grateful for the kiddos that we have the privilege of serving - you are my heroes! I cannot wait to see you in person as soon as safely possible!
I am thankful for our CJA campers... Brooke, Afton, Kinsley, Austin, Sophia, Tuff, Zayn, Harper, Montae, Ashlyn, and Claire!! I hope you all will post pictures of some of your activities. Thanks for everything Bre!
I’m so grateful for every single soul who contributed to making this experience a weekend of a lifetime. We made such beautiful memories as a family. We laughed, we sang, we played, and we explored! What a huge gift this was for our souls!
being able to have people that feel the same way as me
I am thankful to Tim and Kevin for singing songs, playing games, and showing us the deer at camp on the Live Stream. What a relaxing and entertaining time you shared! Happy Birthday Tim, I hope Kevin made you a cake!
Thank you for letting my family come to Camp John Marc. It was a great time. I love camp John Marc. It is a very nice place. It was amazing!
I am grateful for my family, my dog Marshmallow and my guinea pig Daisy. I am grateful for my nurses and doctors at Texas Children's Hematology. So grateful that Camp Ailihpomeh exists. I like being around others who understand my bleeding disorder.
I am grateful for my mom she always helps me with my medicine !
I really love what yall do with the camp. All the activities are REALLY FUN and the food is delicious. In person, the activities such as kayaking, ropes, and, just, the pool in general. The crafts are fun, and horses were delightful. Camp is amazing!
I am grateful for my house my parents my siblings in all of my family members. I'm grateful for my pets. I'm grateful for everything that I have.
I miss everybody hope to come back soon have a great summer from Yasmin and Ariel.
My family and I are beyond grateful for the opportunity to attend a Family Getaway Camp! The memories made are ones to last a lifetime! I can't praise the volunteers enough for their amazing attitudes and smiling faces!
I am so thankful for the families who have been able to come to camp and share special family time. Camp is beautiful, but MUCH better with families and children enjoying this special place.
I am grateful for a camp that allows me to meet friends like me.
I am grateful for friendships made!
I am so thankful that camp is more than a place and we are able to still get to enjoy camp activities this week thanks to Camp John Marc staff!!
I am most grateful for all the time spent with the kiddos. I feel so thankful to be a part of their memories of Camp Jubilee. I love every moment getting to know them and helping them to have a great camp experience. Thank you CJM and medical teams.
Thanks to Camp! We had a very relaxing weekend and our family was very happy-- it was a real escape. Thank you very much to everyone!
During the Family Escape weekend, my youngest decided Meg-O was going to be his new best friend & she embraced him! He talked her ear off! Ultimately, it allowed me to spend some much needed quality time with my oldest son. Thank you so much Megan <3
Camp John Marc was amazing. To see my daughter in the land where she feels so comfortable fills us with hope. At camp she wants to try everything! Thank you to everyone who makes these experiences possible!
I am grateful for all the CAMPERS! Though we aren't there physically, reading your posts of gratitude still inspires me with warmth in my heart and joy in spirit just as much as you do when we are at camp!
I'm grateful for the creativity, innovation, and diligence of the full time CJM Staff team! Rocking it!
I’m grateful for all the people who made camp a second, safer home and for the people there who became my family.
While we will miss seeing all our friends at camp this year, I am so grateful that we are able to have camp virtually. Thank you CJM for all your hard work putting this together! Hope to see everyone again next year!
I am thankful for this experience of online camp. Because camp is more than a place it's a community of people who are empathetic towards one another, camp is a community of people who are strong and so much more.
I am thankful for everyone who helped make Camp is more than a place possible.
I am thankful for the time that I have gotten to spend at camp and the cjm staff, volunteers, and medical staff.
I am thankful for a CJM staff that can be so creative during these craziest of times. And for the Blooper Reel. I'm still laughing!!!
I am soooo grateful for the Camp John Marc staff...they did it!!! ELEVEN weeks of virtual camp - WOO HOOO!!!!! Not only did they get it done under crazy circumstances and challenging times..they did an AMAZING job...thank you so very much! :)) <3 <3
Thank you for a great summer! Camps is certainly more than a place! Appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to making the best of a strange summer.
I just wanted to say what a great job y'all have done engaging with camps and campers each week! You are appreciated more than ever!
So thankful for all the Camp John Marc staff in the office and on site who continue to fulfill the mission of inspiring confidence for life for 1,000's of wonderful kids this summer!
Although I really miss CJM this year, I’m so grateful for the CJM leadership team who, as always, have kept the health and safety of the kids, staff, volunteers, and all of their families as a priority. We love y’all and can’t wait to see you again!
I am so THANKFUL for CJM & CJA team members! Each year we have worked to provide a safe, fun and memorable experience for our campers. This year, although REALLY WIERD, virtual camp will still be a safe, fun and memorable experience for all!
I love camp so much because I've made some of my best friends at camp. The counselors are really fun too!!! I've always been a wild child, so camp is the perfect place for me to really let loose and have fun!!!
I am so thankful for Camp in all its forms! I've cried some sad tears and some happy tears this summer and have missed Camp in a big way. But I'm also excited about what the next year holds and to get started on the Dove Creek Cabin decor!
I will miss horses and the American Girl Doll Tea Party. Hope to see all of you next year. I miss everyone at camp. Keep making that homemade ice cream.
I am so thankful for the Camp Esperanza campers that stopped by Children's Health on Saturday to pick-up a camper bag with fun family activities to make virtual camp special this week. It was great to see 115 smiling camper faces! It's For the Kids!
My heart is full of thanks for everyone at CJM, Children's Health, Camp E, and Bridewell who helped to provide for a safe week of camp in 2020 through CIMTAP. You are all the best people that I know, and your constant love for the campers amazes me!
I was so sad when I found out that I wouldn’t be able to see the camp staff and my friends. But then I got a email that there was going to be a parade. Then I got to see all of the staff workers. Can’t wait to be back next year for my last year there
I am grateful for the CJM staff and Cook Children's Fort Worth staff for allowing this week in July to be the best week of my son's life for 7 years now. This would be his last year with Camp Jubilee and we are thankful Camp is not just a place.
You guys are all doing a great job! I’m sure not having camp has taken a toll on all of you, but you are doing a fantastic job of making the best out of the situation and making the campers stay connected to camp! ATAWAYTOGO guys!
I am grateful for this unique experience of engaging in camp online. It’s reconnected me to CJM after 16 summers away! Boo Covid-19! Love to CJM. 🥰
I am grateful for the joyful noise of an afternoon at camp. The magical combination of kids laughing, singing, shouting, and music blaring.
My daughter has been attending Camp Moss for 7 summers! Though number 7 is a virtual camp, the love our family has for Camp Moss is very REAL. Xoxo Camp Moss!
I am grateful for it being my first year at camp and having online Camp. I'm really excited.
I am grateful for my camping friends.
Thank you everyone that made camp still happen even with Covid-19! Love y’all and hope everyone has a great summer!
I am grateful for the cabin directors, the nurses, and the other people who help.
I'm grateful for Camp John Marc staff for making such a wonderful place for campers and counselors to heal, make friends, and have fun for a week each year! Y'all are awesome!!!
I am grateful for all you campers who make Camp I Thonka Chi - the best camp ever. See you next year!! APA CHE.
I am so THANKFUL for the family and community of Camp John Marc! A summer without the traditional fun in the sun will be different but through CIMTAP we will see the talents of friends, familiar faces and activities. I appreciate you!
I am so grateful to get to connect online with campers this summer! This is going to be fun!
I am thankful for all the medical staff and all the volunteers that got together to do this camp online so they can have a little of camp I-Thonka-Chi at home and also thankful for the camp box. That really made Monica so excited. Thank you so much.
I am grateful to have been a part of Camp Esperanza & Camp John Marc for many years. It's been a privilege to work with so many amazing people and to see campers blossom. Inspiring hope and building confidence - it's humbling! Miss everyone a lot!
We are so very thankful for the doctors, nurses, therapists, volunteer counselors who have come every year to camp doing their "magic" AND our wonderful full-time CJM folks who have worked so hard to make this year's CIMTAP a reality.
I am thankful for Camp John Marc and Camp Reynal. Even though we can’t be together this year it is nice to still enjoy the feeling of camp at home! Thank you to everyone who has worked to make this happen!
I’m grateful for all of the friends I have from Camp Reynal and for all of the campers I have had the pleasure of meeting and watching them grow from their personal experiences at camp! Stay strong, stay safe and I can’t wait to see everyone again!
I am grateful that camp is more than a place and that we can still have fun this summer and take part in beloved camp activities and traditions! Many thanks for everyone’s hard work!
I am grateful for all the fun camp memories and that we are able to have this space online this summer! We love Camp Reynal!!
I am grateful for all the worms and hot dogs campers send in the lake!
Thanks for all the love, care and mealworms from my friends!
We are grateful for all of the apple treats and green grass!
CJM Staff's creativity in getting online camp up and going! Whoop, whoop!
I am grateful for the tennis ball game. YEAH BOATS!
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