Sharon Butler Richardson lovingly sacrificed for her family and loved ones her entire life.  She spent her life teaching – whether it was a classroom, her daughters, or even grandchildren, one of the lessons she often taught was the importance of helping others.

Sharon married her husband, Bob Butler, in 1963 and they were married for 37 years before he passed away due to hemophilia complications at the age of 57. Hemophilia directly impacted Sharon, as it does many other wives, mothers, and daughters; despite the statistics. Her oldest daughter, Dawn Spikes, raised four children of her own with husband Tracey Spikes; three of whom have Hemophilia as well. Raising the three boys, they decided to send them to Camp Ailihpomeh at Camp John Marc. The boys looked forward to camp every year and it truly became a family to them. Sharon found great joy that her grandsons now had a place that they could build lifelong friendships with others that were facing the same challenges and diagnosis as they were.

As Sharon’s family honors and remembers her selfless life, her passion to serve lives on and continues to pour into others. In remembrance of Sharon and her love for Camp John Marc, her family is honored to request, in lieu of flowers, that donations be given to Camp John Marc to continue the legacy that camp extends to so many families.


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