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  • Participant Information

  • $5/meal: Includes any day visitors who stay for a meal.

    If there are none, please enter 0.
  • Program Expenses

    These will be calculated based on pre-camp orders or # of participants.

    - Arts & Crafts: $2 per participating camper. If your program did not use CJM crafts, there is no charge.

    - Snacks: $2

    - Plast Nametags & Holders: $2

    - Party Night Shirts: $5

    - Leather Name Tags: $2

  • Camper Demographics

    Please enter the following information regarding which partnering organization campers attend.

    If there are none, please enter 0.
  • If your campers and volunteers come with another partnering organization, please list it below.

    Partnering Org:

    # of Campers:

    # of Staff/Vol

  • Weekend Camp Cost

    This is the number that will be used to calculate participant cost.

    - 4 meals: $75 per person

    - 5 meals: $80 per person

    - 6 meals: $85 per person