COVID-19 Impact Update

Hello Friends,

We hope this note finds you well.  The beginning of a new year brings an opportunity to both reflect on all of the joy brought to our campers through the CAMP IS MORE THAN A PLACE program in 2020, and to be able to look forward to camp programming this year.

After much discussion with our partnering hospitals and organizations, as well as our Board of Directors and our Medical Advisors, we have again made the incredibly difficult decision to cancel traditional in-person camping for both Spring and Summer 2021.  We indeed know, and understand, the weight and emotions that this decision will elicit for our campers and their families, as well as our volunteers, Board members, donors, supporters, and all those involved with the camp experience.  To our campers, for whom I am the heaviest writing these words – we think of you every day, and although I know this message will be received with disappointment and much sadness, please know it is with the highest regard for your health and safety that I must tell you it will be a little while longer before we are able to be together again in person.

For our Spring campers, programming will occur online February 12th through the end of May.  This online program will be enhanced with interactive activities, games, puzzles, and virtual campfires over the course of the Spring – tune in all season long.  For our Summer campers, we are excited to continue our weekly online programming (open to all campers) where we will celebrate the unique traditions of each of our partnering camps with an increased number of live and interactive events, including the possibility of Dallas-Fort Worth based event(s) this May through August. Stay tuned for more updates this Spring.

We are excited to continue to work with all of our partnering hospitals and organizations to coordinate these programs and we are grateful for their incredible support.  Although we know that there is no replacement for starting a “one match fire” at cookout or going down the zipline for the first time at camp, I am thankful that we are able to continue to serve our campers in this manner.  While we are looking forward to a return to traditional camping, we are very excited to bring the fun and joy of camp to you, our campers and your families, through these programs and hope you will continue to visit our website for more information regarding additional program opportunities.

We miss you all.  Be safe, be well, and we’ll see you soon. Thank you for making camp more than a place.

Kevin Randles

Kevin Randles

Executive Director

Message from Megan, Camp Director