Forms will be sent out Sunday by noon.  Please complete this attestation prior to reporting to work, and prior to arriving at work, for the week (which in most cases will be prior to Monday morning).


  • Below are symptoms, travel, and contact situations associated with increased risk for COVID-19:

    Prior to arriving at and/or visiting Camp John Marc facility, please attest that you do not have any of the following new or worsening symptoms, travel, and/or contact situations associated with increased risk for COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

    - COVID-19 confirmed diagnosis

    - Close contact with a person with a laboratory confirmed COVID-19 infection (i.e. sharing a living space)

    - Fever (100.0+ degrees Fahrenheit)

    - Cough

    - Shortness of breath of difficulty breathing

    - Chills, including repeated shaking with chills

    - Muscle pain

    - Headache

    - Sore throat

    - Significant loss of appetite

    - Fatigue

    - Diarrhea

    - Loss of smell and/or taste

    - Travel outside of the U.S. and/or embarked on a cruise ship

    - Attended a large gathering, especially those of more than 10 people not living in your household while not wearing a mask.
  • Symptoms & Criteria

    If you have any of the symptoms or meet any of these criteria, you must either remain home or leave work immediately. You should inform Chuck and Kevin of your need to stay or return home. We will contact you regarding your symptoms, condition, and the return to work process. Additionally, follow up with a medical provider if medical attention is required.

    If your symptoms or condition changes during the week, you are responsible to advise Chuck and Kevin by completing an updated attestation.