Silo – Part II

Features of the Silo (continued)

Tipi Room

This large, open space is named for the colorful tipis painted on the walls and is used for all-camp gatherings, carnivals and parties. A large drop-down screen in the Tipi Room is used for watching movies, training videos, and camp slide shows.

Story Room

For many years campers asked questions about the boy Camp John Marc is named after. Because of this, the story of John Marc Myers, and of how camp came to be, are now depicted on a wall inside the Silo. The story is told using symbols and words, which engages young and adult viewers alike. Comfortable furniture and an amazing view make this room a perfect spot for a restful pause or supportive conversation.

Costume Room

In the giant walk-in costume closet, campers can dress up in hula skirts, tuxedo jackets, sequined ball gowns, fire fighter jackets and more. The costumes are used by staff and campers for talent shows, party nights, the movie-making project, and of course, for make-believe and dress-up play.

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