The "4-for-4" Program has allowed us to improve the quality of our weekends by having consistent, high quality staff. Those participating in this Program will receive $175 for each full weekend they work and a $400 honorarium at the conclusion of the Fall weekend camp season. There are a limited number of spots available for the "4-for-4" Program. Please note that applications will close on September 1, 2022.
  • Selection Criteria

    *Staff from the immediate past summer will be given first priority.

    *Priority is given to those who hold certifications for one or more activity area (ie, Ropes Course, Archery, Lifeguarding).

    *Participants must be able to commit to the ENTIRE weekend (Friday evening thought the end of Sunday's programmed activities unless otherwise arranged by the CJM Director).

    *Participants must be able to commit to one weekend camp per month PLUS an additional weekend (total of 4 weekends). *Participants must commit to the same Lights Out Policy as the summer staff (being in bed by 7.5 hours before breakfast of the weekends worked).

    *The CJM Director may terminate this contract if any of Camp John Marc's policies, procedures, or code of ethics are not followed, or if poor or repeated bad judgement is shown.