Fair Fun

Rex O’dometer: Tank of Terror Fry Bread Ailihpomeh Style Chuckles with Chuck: Ep 2 Polar Bear Watermelon Wednesday Day: Wind Sock Bumbles: Who are the Champions 3 (Climbing Challenge) Jubilee Juice Coke Underwater Bumbles 2 Camp Wildlife Chuckles with Chuck: Ep 1 Watermelon Wednesday: Tye Dye Rex O’Dometer: Ep 2 Fort Building Watermelon Wednesday- Flower Pot Bumbles: Champions Ep 1 Balloon Animals 1 Balloon Animals 2 Visit the Aquarium Rex O’Dometer: Ep 1

Activities & Projects

Candy Rainbow Geocaching Cookout Ice Cream CJM Nature Cooking with Mr. Charles Get the Scoop Nature Yoga Olympic Diving Weird Science: Blubber How to Make Fry Bread Disc Golf DIY Stethoscope Card Tricks Gone Fishin’ Rowboat Rob & Bosque Knots of Fun Julia’s Cooking Corner Mindfulness Minute Dirt Cups & Pretzel Flowers Recipe Disc Golf: Pt 1 Dance Project Yoga Cooking with Dr. G Cooking with Jeremy

Partner Camp Highlights

Camp Ailihpomeh Camp Ailihpomeh Closing Poem Leadership Camp Jubilee Camp Moss Camp TLC Mystery Ranimals Welcome Camp I-Thonka-Chi Welcome Camp Reynal Manhattan College Camp Reynal Song Did you know?