Songs & Stories

There’s nothing more magical than sitting around a campfire with your friends and cabinmates! Can you find some creative ways to recreate the magic of a campfire? Songs and stories bring the magic of camp to your home. This page has some of your favorites as sing-a-longs or read-a-longs, get to listening and then make them your own!

Songs & Stories
  • Star Story: The Tiny Hummingbird

  • Little Red Wagon

  • Bubblegum

  • Rindercella

  • Burfle Hunt

  • Princess Pat

  • Bo Diddly Bop

  • Echo

  • Bed Bug Song

  • Self, Your Neighbor

  • Hermie the Wormie

  • Story: Baby Deer

  • Singing in the Rain

  • Yeah Toast

  • Fred the Moose

  • 3 Shortneck Buzzards

  • Rum Pum Pum

  • Star Stories: Orion & Scorpio

  • Boom Chicka Boom

  • "This is Me"

  • "This is Me" Instructions