Fair Fun

Rex O’dometer: Tank of Terror Fry Bread Ailihpomeh Style Chuckles with Chuck: Ep 2 Polar Bear Watermelon Wednesday Day: Wind Sock Bumbles: Who are the Champions 3 (Climbing Challenge) Jubilee Juice Coke Underwater Bumbles 2 Camp Wildlife Chuckles with Chuck: Ep 1 Watermelon Wednesday: Tye Dye Rex O’Dometer: Ep 2 Fort Building Watermelon Wednesday- Flower Pot Bumbles: Champions Ep 1 Balloon Animals 1 Balloon Animals 2 Visit the Aquarium Rex O’Dometer: Ep 1

Coloring Pages

State Fair Download State Fair Download Ailihpomeh Download Hello Friend Download Jubilee Download Sanguinity Download Netter Download Moss Download Bosque Download Farming Download NASA Download Camp MDA Download Connect the Dots Download Camp TLC Download Camp I-Thonka-Chi Download Camp Reynal Download Horses Download State Fair Coloring Book Download Big Tex Download


Goldfish Hanging with the Horses 2 Hay Naybor Farrier Visit Hanging in the Horse Pasture Horseback Riding Horses Review Food 2 Horses Review Food 1 Horses Coloring Page Download

Games & Puzzles

While we can’t play Snaps, Black Magic, or Green Glass Door together, here  are some new puzzles and games! Click the buttons and pictures below to download or print the activities. Don’t have a printer? No problem! You can color and do the word searches using Microsoft Word (or like programs). Jigsaw PuzzleHorses 2Horses 1Horses 2 Horses 1 Camp Crossword

Activities & Projects

Candy Rainbow Geocaching Cookout Ice Cream CJM Nature Cooking with Mr. Charles Get the Scoop Nature Yoga Olympic Diving Weird Science: Blubber How to Make Fry Bread Disc Golf DIY Stethoscope Card Tricks Gone Fishin’ Rowboat Rob & Bosque Knots of Fun Julia’s Cooking Corner Mindfulness Minute Dirt Cups & Pretzel Flowers Recipe Disc Golf: Pt 1 Dance Project Yoga Cooking with Dr. G Cooking with Jeremy

Live Streams

Ailihpomeh: Midday Midway Ailihpomeh: Live After 5 Jubilee: MDMW Jubilee: LA5 Sanguinity: Midday Midway Sanguinity: Live After 5 Moss: Midday Midway Roll a Monster Moss: Live After 5 Mad Lib Story MDA: Midday Midway MDA: LA5 TLC: Live After 5 TLC: Midday Midway I-Thonka-Chi: Midday Midway I-Thonka-Chi: Live After 5 Reynal LA5 Reynal Midday Midway