Songs & Stories

Tres Aves Grandes 3 Short Neck Buzzards Down by the Bay Why the Coyote Howls Boom Chicka Boom Echo Princess Pat Cassiopeia Cygnus Bo Diddly Bop Socks Hotdog Song Yeah Boats! Rum Pum Pum “This is Me” Woodchuck Self! Your Neighbor! Story of CJM Yeah Toast


Goldfish Hanging with the Horses 2 Hay Naybor Farrier Visit Hanging in the Horse Pasture Horseback Riding Horses Review Food 2 Horses Review Food 1 Horses Coloring Page Download

Activities & Projects

Candy Rainbow Geocaching Cookout Ice Cream CJM Nature Cooking with Mr. Charles Get the Scoop Nature Yoga Olympic Diving Weird Science: Blubber How to Make Fry Bread Disc Golf DIY Stethoscope Card Tricks Gone Fishin’ Rowboat Rob & Bosque Knots of Fun Julia’s Cooking Corner Mindfulness Minute Dirt Cups & Pretzel Flowers Recipe Disc Golf: Pt 1 Dance Project Yoga Cooking with Dr. G Cooking with Jeremy

Partner Camp Highlights

Camp Ailihpomeh Camp Ailihpomeh Closing Poem Leadership Camp Jubilee Camp Moss Camp TLC Mystery Ranimals Welcome Camp I-Thonka-Chi Welcome Camp Reynal Manhattan College Camp Reynal Song Did you know?