Coloring Pages

Hello Friend Acorn Download Dining Hall Door Download Netter Download Chapel Download Hiccup Download Totem Poles Download Brick Path Friends Download Netter with Corn Dogs Download Carosel Download Hello Friend Download Netter Download Bosque Download Connect the Dots Download Horses Download

Songs & Stories

Little Red Wagon “This is Me”–Greatest Showman Singing in the Rain Old McDonald Remix The Story of Rindercella Tres Aves Grandes 3 Short Neck Buzzards Down by the Bay Why the Coyote Howls Boom Chicka Boom Echo Princess Pat Cassiopeia Cygnus Bo Diddly Bop Socks Hotdog Song Yeah Boats! Rum Pum Pum Woodchuck Self! Your Neighbor! Story of CJM Yeah Toast

Games & Puzzles

While we can’t play Snaps, Black Magic, or Green Glass Door together, here  are some new puzzles and games! Click the buttons and pictures below to download or print the activities. Don’t have a printer? No problem! You can color and do the word searches using Microsoft Word (or like programs). Fall Fun Mad LibClick to Download Fall Camp Crossword