Netter’s Letters

Have you heard of the legendary catfish that lives in Crow lake?!  His name is Netter and in 1991 he broke a net when a camper tried to get him up to the dock.  Now, many legends surround this catfish. Such as, he’s as big as a Volkswagon beetle or that he’s always stealin’ bait and breaking fishing lines!  Whatever you’ve heard about Netter, he’s a special part of CJM and this page is all about celebrating your fish stories!

Write a Letter to Netter!

Greetings from Crow Lake! This Fall Netter would love to hear from you.  Write a letter or send in your Netter coloring masterpiece here and we’ll drop them down on a line to the lake.  Netter cannot wait to hear from you!  Your letters will be delivered and read to Netter and a video will be posted online for you to watch.

Or if you have great tales of fishing stories from fishing activity let us know!  We love to hear about the one that got away or the one wranglered to the pier!

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Netter's Letters!